Sunday, September 19, 2010

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Capcom and hard games

     I believe that Capcom has some sort of sick fetish for filling me with rage. They make great games, so I can't stop playing them. But the longer I play, the more I want to take whatever controller I may currently be using, and punt it into my neighbors window.

Ex. 1 -  Megaman. There isn't a single game in the Megaman series I would consider even medium difficulty. Death after death I slowly start to learn a level until I finally reach the boss, only to be annihilated and have to start the entire level over again.

Ex. 2 - Ghosts 'n' Goblins. 2 hits and you are dead. Run out of time and you are dead. Beat the game, the last boss was a trap, start from beginning on higher difficulty. Break things.

Ex. 3 - Bionic Commando. I never played the original, but in Rearmed, the challenge levels got so hard that I had no choice but to give up. And not being able to jump didn't help much either.

Ex. 4 - Monster Hunter. Taking down the wyverns is a bit too hard, especially on the PSP with the terrible camera controls. So much grinding, SO MUCH GRINDING.

Ex. 5 - Lost Planet 2. This game was so infuriatingly hard that Capcom decided to patch it to make it easier. I haven't played post patch, but holy balls was it hard.

I guess its nice to have some hard games in the sea of easy games on the market nowadays, but damn do they make 'em HARD.

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